Thursday, June 10, 2010

Second Post-Surgery Ultrasound Scan

Everything went well at the hospital today. The ultrasound scan went without a glitch, though Baby bawled and fussed initially but when she realized that it didn't hurt, she quietly saw her 'pictures' on the 'TV'. That's what we told her - that the doctor was taking pix of her kidneys and that she could watch them on the TV (the monitor).

According to our surgeon, the ultrasound scan showed that her right kidney (both the moities) is growing well. Though a tad dilated (it will always be dilated as it was dilated from day one since she was in-utero), the dilation is significantly lower than pre-surgery. Our surgeon isn't worried about the dilation as there is now no more kidney reflux. We just have to keep her constipation at bay as constipation is one of the main causes of UTIs in children. She was prescribed with a big bottle of Duphalax and has to consume 10ml should she have constipation.

I am very amazed that despite having gone through the nightmarish stay in the hospital after more than a year ago, she still remembered the X-ray room very much! The second she stepped into the radiology department of the hospital, her mood changed from lively and jovial to one that's tensed. Each time we walked closer to the X-ray rooms, she fussed and cried. When she was brought into the X-ray room, she kept saying "I tak mau injection!". I think she still remembered what she had gone through during the many radiation scans (which required injection of dye into the IV catheter on her hands and feet) and x-rays during her 3-week stay in the hospital in May last year. My poor baby. I hope that all those bitter and painful experiences will now be behind her once and for all.

Pictures taken at the hospital will be posted later....


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