Monday, March 15, 2010

Pumping Baby With Chinese Herbs And Coconut Water To Flush Out Bacteria From Her Urinary Tract System

One of my blog readers commented in my blog that I should get some herbs to clear Baby's urinary tract system of bacteria from the Chinese Medicine Hall. Well, I sent the hubs to buy a few packets of Chinese herbs from the Chinese Medicine Hall and have them boiled immediately. After a day of drinking the Chinese herbs, coconut water (which is also well known for treating UTI) and lots of plain water, Baby's urine turned from cloudy+foul smelling to clear+no foul smell.

Today, I boiled another packet of herbs, fed Baby with Refresh from E. Excel (this is also good for the urinary tract) and continued coaxing her to drink lots of fluids.

Getting her to pee at very regular intervals throughout the day is also very important as bacteria will be flushed out through the urine.

This packet of herbs that cleanses the urinary tract system cost RM8 and consists of san soke yee mai (popped barley), sweet corn husk, a kind of bean that resembles red bean, some leaves, twigs and herbs.

The pot of herbs. Thank God Baby has no problem gulping down the herbal water.

I also fed Baby with crushed echinacea (1/2 a tablet divided into 3 feedings a day), which I added into her milk.

On top of all these herbs and anti-UTI supplements, I have also been feeding Baby with Waterfall D-Mannose with 1/2 a teaspoon every 3 hourly. E.Coli bacteria attaches to D-Mannose very well and gets flushed out from the urinary tract system with the urine. However this time as with the previous time, Baby is attacked by Klebsiella. Klebsiella attaches to D-Mannose too though more difficult.

From my observation with Baby for the past 1 week, her urine will be clear and odor-free during the day as she drinks lots of fluids. However at night, her urine will smell a tad foul. The more fluids she drinks, the clearer and lesser odor her urine gets. I had tried to wake Baby up in the wee hours of the morning to drink water but all hell broke loose and nothing would make her open her mouth.

I believe that there is still a little bacteria lurking in Baby's urinary tract system. I have to continue feeding her with the Chinese herbs, coconut water, Refresh and Waterfall D-Mannose. I hope that very soon all the bacteria will be completely flushed out from Baby's urinary tract.

... to be continued.


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  2. Hi,I have been suffering from UTI since a year ago and I had taken 2 doses of antibiotics but it doesn't seem to work. I'm currently taking cranberry juice, it helps to relieve the pain very fast. But if I didn't drink enough water for a few days, I will start to experience pain UTI attack. May I know where did you buy the d mannose sugar? I have been asking a few pharmacies but they don't sell. Thanks in advance.
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